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ReptiDay Vendor Information

Potential and current vendors, please review these pages to become familiar with Repticon’s rules and show schedule, and also to review State and local laws and requirements. You may also register for tables using our online registration maps.

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Vendor Rules

New for 2019!

Repticon seeks to produce shows that are family-friendly and which feature only legal, family-friendly offerings.  If Repticon deems an exhibitor’s products or presentation to be either non-family-friendly or out of Repticon’s area of expertise to evaluate the legality of the offering, the offending product or content may not be displayed or distributed at Repticon shows.  This includes but is not limited to: weapons, sexual or pornographic imagery, adult language, games of chance, medicinal or cannabis-related products, religious or political solicitation, vaping products, piercing, and tattooing.

The determination of what violates this policy is at the sole discretion of Repticon.  Any vendor who is asked by Repticon staff to remove offending products or content and does not do so immediately is in violation of these vendor rules, and may be compelled to leave the show.

Are there any restrictions on the products or animals that can be sold at ReptiDay? – All animals must be healthy and legal to sell within the state. Vendors who intentionally and repeatedly offer illegal or unhealthy animals for sale may be banned from future shows.  Vendors are responsible for obtaining all required licenses and permits to keep and sell all animals and products that they possess at the show, and are responsible for researching and understanding those requirements.  Venomous animals may not be displayed, sold, or brought to any show other than Repticon Columbia.   

Frozen Feeders and Insects: Feeder Source is the exclusive provider of frozen feeders and insects at all ReptiDay shows except Norfolk, VA. No other vendor may offer frozen feeders and insects, promote frozen feeder and insect sales, or bring a freezer into any ReptiDay show within these regions without the approval of Feeder Source. Live feeder rodents may be sold by any vendor where local law permits.

Dry Goods – No vendor has dry-goods exclusivity at any Repticon show. For Florida ReptiDay shows, Family Reptiles has a dry goods slot. To avoid excessive duplication of product at a particular show, the number of vendors offering more than one table of new dry-goods will be capped at two or three for some Repticon shows, varying by market (click here for a list of limits by market.) “Dry Goods” are considered to be commercially produced enclosures purchased by the vendor and offered for resale, products utilized inside reptile enclosures to maintain reptile pets, such as substrate, vitamin supplements, light bulbs, etc.  Oversized bales of aspen or bedding, custom-built enclosures, t-shirts, and other reptile merchandise are NOT considered dry goods. This cap applies to dry-goods being purchased from a distributor or manufacturer for retail sale. Any vendor may offer dry goods that they or their company produces themselves without restriction. Any vendor at a show with dry goods restrictions but without a dry goods slot must limit their dry goods to one table, and the dry goods offered must make physical contact with the tabletop (no racks or shelves may be used to expand the dry-goods offered.)  Back stock of dry-goods for vendors who do not have dry-goods slots must be stored out of sight of customers on the show floor.  Any dry-goods back stock stored under tables must be contained in unmarked opaque containers.

Deposit –Vendors are now required to pay a 10% deposit to hold the tables. This minimal deposit ($9.50 for one table, $25 for a four table package) is intended to ensure that only vendors who truly intend to vend at a show actually complete the booking process, while still keeping the up-front costs for booking tables extremely low for those vendors who book multiple shows throughout the year. This will be refundable or transferable up to a month before the show.

What is the Cost of Tables? – Table rates are:

Two Day Shows One Day Shows
$95 – One Table $75 – One Table
$95 – Each Additional Table $75 – Each Additional Table
$250 – Four Table Package $180 – Four Table Package
$30 – Extra “Back” Table (*limit one per vendor & two table minimum required*) $30 – Extra “Back” Table (*limit one per vendor & two table minimum required*)

Electric is included in the costs above, except for the shows listed below.

*** Due to Contractual Obligations, any vendor requiring electric for the Florida International Reptile Show (Repticon Tampa), FIRExpo in Lakeland, FL, or Repticon Memphis, must purchase it separately through the respective facility. ***

Please click Here for the Florida State Fairgrounds Electric Order Form.

Please click Here for the FIRExpo in Lakeland Electrical Order Form.

Please click Here for the Repticon Memphis Electrical Order Form..

How do I book tables at the show? Do I have to pre-pay?  – To book tables at a ReptiDay show, either utilize the online booking form here, or contact a Vendor Coordinator by using the Booking Office.

Bookings Office Hours:
10:00am-4:00pm EST
7 days a week
407- 734-EXPO
[email protected]

Although pre-payment is appreciated, vendors in good standing who have vended at prior ReptiDay expos are not required to pre-pay for tables.


Vendors who have never vended at a ReptiDay expo must submit a $50 deposit upon booking to secure tables. This $50 deposit is credited towards the total payment due at the show. (For example, a first-time vendor booking one table [$95] must submit $50 upon booking, with a balance due of $45 at the show.)

Payments can be made at the show via cash, check or credit/debit cards.  Payments prior to the show can be sent via paypal to [email protected] or can be mailed to:

1814 5th St SE
Winter Haven, FL 33880
Attn: Shirley Healy

Extra “Back” Tables – If a vendor requires an extra “back” table to go either behind their regular tables or inside their booth, they may purchase an extra table for $30, with the purchase of at least two regular tables. The extra table must be used behind their regular display and must fit within their space. There is a limit of only one extra “back” table allowed per vendor, regardless of number of tables purchased. If pre-paying, an extra table is available via a PayPal button at checkout.

Vendor Badge Rules

    • All Staff working a table, a vendor’s family or otherwise, are required to have a Badge.
    • Additional Badges other than those included with a purchase of tables are $15 each for two day shows and $10 for one day shows. (See Maximum Badges below)
    • Only One Badge is allowed per person.
    • Each Vendor must be present to receive their Badge. No Badge will be given out for people who are not present.
    • We ask that all vendors wear and keep their Badges visible throughout the show weekend to help all ReptiDay staff distinguish vendors from our show guests
    • If a vendor brings their child (minor) with them, and the child is not working the table, that child needs to receive a guest hand stamp. The vendor must accompany their child to the entry area to be stamped. No child will be given a hand stamp without their accompanying vendor parent present. Any vendor’s child allowed into the show in this way will not receive a Badge.
  • All “guests” of vendors coming into the show, whether doing business or not, (such as visiting family, customers who have pre-purchased and are picking up items, etc)., must pay admission to be admitted into the show.

The following are the badges included per table purchase and maximum allowed per table.

Tables Maximum Badges Included in Table Purchase Maximum Additional Badges Allowed for Purchase
1 Table 2 +1 (3 total)
2 Tables 2 +3 (5 total)
3 Tables 3 +4 (7 total)
4 Tables 4 +5 (9 total)

If any vendor wants more than 9 workers requiring badges at their tables, they must purchase more than 4 tables.

Vendor Cancellation Policies

    • All bookings, cancellations and/or changes must go through Booking Team.  Any bookings or cancellations attempted through other avenues or team members will not be considered complete and will not guarantee space at a show or waiving of cancellation penalties
  • Vendors who have booked tables for a show and need to cancel for any reason must notify Repticon via e-mail to [email protected] by 8:00am EST on the Monday two weeks preceding the show to cancel without penalty.
    • Vendors cancelling after 8:00am EST the Monday two weeks before the show but before 8:00am EST on the Monday the week of the show are responsible for payment of 50% of the original cost of tables booked if cancellation is made before 8:00am EST on the Monday the week of the show.  This payment must be paid in full before the vendor may book tables at any future Repticon show.
    • Vendors cancelling later than 8:00am EST on the Monday prior to the show will be required to pay for the cancelled tables in full before booking any tables at future Repticon shows and will be required to pre-pay in full for all future tables booked.
  • Vendors who No-Show/No-Notice a booked show without contacting Repticon will be responsible for their full table placement plus 25%, and will be required to pre-pay in full for all future tables booked.

Bounced Check Policies – All Bounced Checks paying for tables will result in a $25 fee charged by Repticon, plus a bank fee of $12. Following a bounced check, Repticon will require the vendor to pay for the tables for which the check bounced, plus these fees, and then pay in advance for all tables for the next Repticon Show they wish to vend. The vendor will not be allowed to vend at another Repticon Show until these criteria are met.

Further Vendor Rules

Participation – Repticon reserves the right to make the final determination on whether any vendor or exhibitor may participate in a particular show.

Alcohol & Illegal Drugs – No Alcoholic beverages or Illegal Drugs are allowed on the premises any ReptiDay Show.

Access to Facilities – Exhibitors will have access to the event facilities only during the times specified in the load-in and load-out schedules.

Theft of Exhibitor Property – Each exhibitor is expected to appropriately display their materials and staff their tables in order to prohibit shoplifting or theft. Repticon is not responsible for any theft before, during, or after any event.

Exhibit Look – Each exhibitor is expected to create a professional, attractive display area in their space. It is mandatory that Vendors must have a tablecloth to cover all their tables. If necessary, Repticon will provide them at $3 per table.

Clean-up – At the end of each show, vendors are expected to leave their booth space reasonably clean without excessive trash on the tables or the floor. Vendors not adhering to this guideline must  pay a $50 cleaning deposit when reserving space at future shows.

Shipments to Venue – If a vendor chooses to have product shipped to the venue, it is fully the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that the venue will accept their shipments and that they are sent on the required days in the required manner, i.e. with lift gates, inside delivery, etc.  Repticon will not receive product on behalf of a vendor and will not be liable for any product lost, damaged, or stolen due to delivery before that vendor arrives onsite.

Violation of Event Rules

    • Repticon reserves the right to strictly enforce the event rules.
    • Any vendor who is determined to be in violation of these rules by Repticon will be, at Repticon’s discretion, removed from the show. Exhibitors instructed to leave must immediately vacate the host facility premises. Exhibitors refusing to comply or attempting to continue selling while packing up will have their materials and animals removed at their expense and will bear all risk of damage associated with the movement of their materials and animals.
    • Any exhibitor creating a hostile situation with other vendors, guests or event staff will also be removed under these same terms.
  • No exhibitor who is removed from the show for any reason will be entitled to any refund of any fees or any monetary damages

Exhibitor Fines

    • Any vendor who vacates their tables before the show closes, removes more than 50% of their product before the show closes, or creates empty tables through product consolidation before the show closes will be charged his or her full table rent, plus an additional $50 per table, per show day fine that the vendor had committed to fill.
    • Vendors who sell through all of their product at a particular show may, with express permission of the Repticon show Manager onsite, be permitted to leave the show early, but will be required to leave a table cover and business cards or other promotional literature at each of their tables.
  • Please see sections above for No-Show/No-Notice penalties.


Temperature Considerations – Vendors with animals, please be aware that at all events Repticon strives to work with host venues to keep temperatures at levels that would be reasonable for the needs of most herps.  However, weather conditions should be taken into consideration and Repticon advises that vendors should make any necessary preparations they consider appropriate for their specific animals.  If it is unseasonably cold or hot, please take special precautions. Power outages and other climate control challenges are also always a risk.  Repticon can not be held liable for the health of a vendor’s animals due to temperature fluctuations.

Animal Policies – see South Carolina link for those show’s Venomous Policies

Handling Animals – Exhibitors who choose to remove non-venomous animals from their enclosures or allow guests to handle their animals are responsible for maintaining control of the animals at all time. Each exhibitor is exclusively liable for any damage to property or personal injury resulting from handling of their live animals on the host facility premises.

Escaped Animals – Each exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that no animals leave their exhibit area unless under the control of an employee or customer. Each vendor is responsible for recapturing any escaped animals without unreasonable disruption to other exhibitors or guests. Any escaped animals must be immediately reported to Repticon. Any lost animals that are found after event hours or after the event closes become the property of Repticon, with no obligation for return to the original owner.

Wild-Caught Animals – There is no restriction regarding sale of legal, wild-caught animals. Exhibitors are not required to display any particular signage, but are required to disclose any pertinent information to interested guests, including whether a particular animal is wild-caught or captive bred.

Guests Bringing Animals – Where venue rules and local regulations allow, guests will be allowed to bring up to two animals inside the event. We feel strongly that this interaction will provide guests with an additional opportunity to engage in discussion with exhibitors and will generate excitement among event attendees. Animals brought by guests to the event must be in good health and under their control at all times. Guests may not bring animals into the event for the purpose of selling them at the event, as only show vendors with appropriate permits may sell animals. Any guests who violate these policies will be asked to leave the show.  Each guest bringing animals into the show is responsible for researching and complying with all current laws regarding their animals.


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One Day Show Schedule for Vendors: Saturday or Sunday
7:00am- 10:00am– Vendor Load-In (early guest entry at 9:30am)
9:30am– Show opens to Early Admission guests only
3:00pm– Table Payment Due
5:00pm– Show closes
5:00pm-7:00pm – Vendor Load Out

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