Tennessee Information

Potential and current vendors, please review these pages to become familiar with Repticon’s rules and show schedule, and also to review State and local laws and requirements. You may also register for tables using our online form or contact a Vendor Coordinator at the Booking Office.

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Tennessee Rules & Information

These Rules & Information are provided as a convenience to Repticon vendors and exhibitors, and may not be comprehensive for every animal. Each vendor is responsible for researching and complying with all current laws regarding their animals.

State of Tennessee Information:

All animals brought into Tennessee must be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) from the state of origin.

No venomous or poisonous animals including lizards may be exhibited or sold at our Tennessee shows.

Species native to Tennessee may not be exhibited or sold unless the seller holds a valid propagation permit. The purchaser needs to keep the receipt of purchase. Permit applications are only available by calling Danny Baggot at 615-781-6647.

The Audobon Field Guide is the official reference book used to determine what species are native to Tennessee. (Subspecies and morphs are regarded as the same species they belong to.)

No crocodilians except caimans may be exhibited or sold.

Sale of Turtles:

“Sale of Turtles is amended by deleting the rule in its entirety, including the rule title and the rule authority and substituting the following language, so that as amended, the new rule and rule title shall read:”

• Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, it shall be unlawful to import, sell, barter or otherwise exchange or distribute to the public, any live turtle(s) with a carapace length of less than four (4) inches. This includes offering them for adoption or for free with or without the purchase of pet supplies (e.g., turtle tanks, food, etc.)

• It shall be unlawful to sell turtles to anyone under eighteen (18) years of age.

• The following warning shall be posted conspicuously for buyer information at every display of turtles for retail sale or distribution or where the public may come in contact with turtles: CAUTION: Children under 5 years old and people with weak immune systems (such as chemotherapy patients or those with HIV/AIDS) should avoid contact with reptiles. These people can get very sick from a germ, called salmonella, that reptiles carry. Reptiles include lizards, snakes, alligators and turtles. Wash hands thoroughly after handling turtles or material that had contact with turtles. Do not allow water or any other substance that had contact with turtles to come in contact with food or areas where food is prepared. Do not bathe turtles or clean their tanks in your kitchen or bathroom and do not have close contact with turtles which could allow direct contamination of the mouth (e.g., kissing, etc.).

• Receipts and record keeping required: (a) For each sale of turtle(s) at retail, a sales receipt shall be issued by the seller to the purchaser at the time of the sale. The sales receipt shall have printed legibly on its front or shall be accompanied by an informational sheet with the warning statement contained in paragraph (5) above. (b) The seller shall keep a complete record of all purchases, losses and other dispositions of turtles. The Commissioner or the Commissioner’s designated representative may request these records at any time.

You can find the full statute by clicking the link below. Vendors are encouraged to read the entire document.

Contact for Additional State Information:
Walter Cook
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

TWRA Law Enforcement Division
(615) 781-6500, ex 6 for Law Enforcement
[email protected]

County Information:

Follows state regulations, no additional regulations.

City Information:

City of Franklin animal code can be viewed by Clicking Here.

Johnson City

The city of Johnson City will require vendors that come from out of TN to each have the City level Transient Vendor permit.
The PDF of the license is online:
Johnson City TN Permit

The price is $50 and is valid for 14 days.

Vendors can either mail payment with cashier’s check or money order to:
601 East Main Street
PO Box 2150
Johnson City, TN 37605

Please allow for a 10 day turn around for them to mail the permit back.

Or pay in person by 5pm the Friday before the show.