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State Specific Permit & Show Information

Florida Information

Potential and current vendors, please review these pages to become familiar with Repticon’s rules and show schedule, and also to review State and local laws and requirements. You may also register for tables using our online form or contact a Vendor Coordinator at the Booking Office.

Bookings Office Hours:
10:00am-4:00pm EST
407- 734-EXPO

Florida Rules & Information

These Rules & Information are provided as a convenience to Repticon vendors and exhibitors, and may not be comprehensive for every animal. Each vendor is responsible for researching and complying with all current laws regarding their animals.

Reptiles & Other Animals
Florida Vendors require a Class III permit.  Permit application and all other info, including Florida’s newer “Reptiles of Concern” Laws, can be found at :



or contact Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, for Licensing and Permitting – 850-488-6253

For USDA, Main office # – 919-855-7100,  fax: 919-855-7100


Florida Vendors selling certain arthropods require a permit from the Florida Department of Agriculture. Permit information can be found at:

Please review the following documents courtesy of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, including FAQ and the new required inventory form

2011 Reptile Handout

Reptile Trade Show FAQs Final

Fish & Wildlife Form 2011
No Florida Shows Will Include Include Venomous Species or Sections

Mobile Exhibition
Any vendor who is applying for or renewing their Class III Permit and plans to vend at shows in FL, needs to submit an itinerary that tells FWC where and when they plan on doing a Mobile Exhibition.

The rule for needing the calendar itinerary is 68A-6.005 (Transportation Requirements for Wildlife; Caging Requirements for Performing and Non-Performing Animals) and can be found at www.FLrules.org. Vendors just need to write a letter including their name and business name (whichever is on their Class III Permit)  and list the show dates and venue addresses where they plan on vending.  That letter may be faxed or mailed in anytime before the show. Vendors can send a fax right up until the show, but it is recommended no later than about 1-2 days before a show for fax and a week beforehand for mail.

The fax # is:  850-921-6283.   It should be labeled Att: Captive Wildlife Office.

Mailing address is:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Division of Law Enforcement, Captive Wildlife Office
620 South Meridian Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600

*Note: Any vendors traveling from out-of-state with non-native species are required to have an Transport/Import Permit. The Transport/Import permit is free and needs to be applied for at least 2 weeks in advance.
There is no cost for this permit – it is free!
Follow this link to fill out the form and send it in: http://www.myfwc.com/license/captive-wildlife/transport-import/