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Repticon at
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This April join Repticon at America’s Family Pet Expo!
Repticon Los Angeles at Costa Mesa has now run for multiple editions since 2012 with two days filled with thrilling quality reptiles, amphibians, exotic pets, pet products, educational seminars, door prizes, and much more, all at the OC Fair and Event Center, located between the Disneyland Resort and Newport Beach. After a special three day edition of the show in April 2013, Repticon is again proud to partner with the phenomenal America’s Family Pet Expo which will again be held at the same facility. Expect all the reptile, amphibian, and exotic animal excitement Repticon is known for to be included in the Repticon section of the larger Expo which will spread through the various facilities. Please note that due to contractual obligations and Repticon’s role in the Expo, several features and rules of the show are different from what Repticon regulars may be accustomed. Show hours will run longer, and the entire Expo spans three days. Also, ticket purchases for the show must be done through America’s Family Pet Expo here. Please review this specific page carefully for show hours and rules, and changes to regular vendor requirements. Be sure to be there at Costa Mesa in Orange County this April for an exciting animal experience that will not be able to be contained!

Times & LocationShows & ActivitiesTicketsVendor InfoPress InfoFAQ
Dates: April 26-28, 2019
Location:OC Fair & Event Center - 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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*Please review the FAQ tab above on this page for details specific to this special show
*Please do not bring your pets to this April 2018 show, as due to the variety of animals, America's Family Pet Expo does not allow pets of any kind (including reptiles & other exotics) to be brought into the show.
Hours:Friday: 10:-6:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am-7:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm
*Note - There will be no VIP Early Entry Hour for this Show!
Presentations:Plan your day around events happening at these times! (Events & Times Subject to Change)
These are Events & Activities at the April 2019 Show.
Check back for Additions!
11:00 AM - TBA
12:00 PM - TBA
1:00 PM - TBA
2:00 PM - TBA
3:00 PM - TBA
4:00 PM - TBA
11:00 AM - TBA
12:00 PM - TBA
1:00 PM - TBA
2:00 PM - TBA
3:00 PM - TBA
4:00 PM - TBA
11:00 AM - TBA
12:00 PM - TBA
1:00 PM - TBA
2:00 PM - TBA
3:00 PM - TBA

These are Events & Activities from the April 2018 Show
Check back for the Next Show!

ExoTerra Door Prize Raffle

Thanks to Sponsorship from ExoTerra Repticon will again have one of its greatest Door Prize Raffles ever! Raffles will be held every hour for multiple prizes throughout the weekend. Most of the high end products are being held for the special VIP raffle, reserved for those guests who purchase two-day VIP tickets and enter an hour early on Saturday. Spectacular sponsorship prizes are expected, such as entire ExoTerra Habitat set-ups, and large cage decor such as Waterfalls and Rock Outcrops! VIP Tickets are available for pre-purchase. Come out early and be a Repticon VIP guest!
Tote Bag Sponsor - Zoo Med!

Thanks to Sponsorship from Zoo Med, early VIP guests to the show will receive a Zoo Med tote bag with product samples, while supplies last! These bags are only available to guests who purchase their VIP tickets online. Check to our tickets page here for information on purchasing an early entry VIP two day ticket!
Visit Repticon Sponsor Turtle Shack!

Hungry Herps? Get your feeder insects and rodents at Repticon from Feeder Source! To insure the availability of the feeders you might need, if you would like to place a pre-order from them for pickup at the show contact them here
Proper Caging for Reptiles

Are your herps looking for proper cages that will keep them secure, happy, and healthy? Join J M Cages & Reptiles as they teach you all you need to know about finding the best caging for your pet. He won't even know he's being housed.
Reptile Rescue of Orange County - Adopt, Don't Shop

Reptile Rescue Orange County is dedicated to providing the proper care and housing of reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates searching for a new home. RROC strives to be an educational cornerstone in the local community, and fully supports and believes in the right to responsibly keep and care for reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.
SoCal Herp. Association & Rescue

The Southern California Herpetology Association & Rescue (S.C.H.A.&R.) is dedicated to the acquisition and dissemination of information and knowledge through literary and verbal communication regarding the collection,, examination, management, treatment and propagation of herpetological species.

The April 2016 Repticon is part of the America’s Family Pet Expo experience and is included in that admission.

Online Expo Tickets:  To purchase Tickets for America’s Family Pet Expo please click here


Please Note that as this show is being run as part of America’s Family Pet Expo, please carefully review the schedule changes below (which includes later show hours), as well as this page’s FAQ for changes from Repticon’s usual guidelines.

Please note: All Vendors Must Stay until 6pm on Sunday of the Expo!

Book Tables:
Click HERE for Vendor Booking Form

Review Vendor Rules:
Click HERE for Vendor Rules

Review State Requirements:
Click HERE for California Laws

Booking Contact Info:

407- 734-EXPO

Table Cost:

Three Day Shows
$125 – One Table
$125 – Each Additional Table
$350 – Four Table Package

Electric is $75 per Vendor at the April 2018 Repticon at America’s Family Pet Expo

Three Day Show Schedule for Vendors:
(for America’s Family Pet Expo only)
Thursday2:00pm- 8:00pm Vendor Load-In
8:00pm- Building is secured. Event staff remains in the venue.
Friday8:00am- 10:00am- Vendor Load-In
10:00am- SHOW OPENS
3:00pm- Table Payment Due
6:00pm- Show closes
6:30pm- Exhibitors exit, event staff remains.
Saturday9:00am- Venue open to Exhibitors.
10:00am- SHOW OPENS.
7:00pm- Show closes
7:30pm- Exhibitors exit, event staff remains.
Sunday9:00am- Venue open to Exhibitors.
10:00am- SHOW OPENS.
6:00pm- Show closes
6:00pm- 8:00pm- Vendor load-out.

To Download a Copy of This Press Release, Click HERE 

FAQ – Please Note This FAQ is specific to the April 2016 Repticon at America’s Family Pet Expo and differs from other similar FAQs found on the Repticon website

Thank you for visiting the Repticon FAQ page. The first question we get is “What does FAQ stand for?” Frequently Asked Questions…. If the answer to your question isn’t on the page please shoot us an email at or visit our contacts page.

Vendor Questions:

Q. Are there any restrictions on the products or animals that can be sold at Repticon?
A. All animals must be healthy and legal to sell within the state. Vendors who intentionally and repeatedly offer illegal or unhealthy animals for sale may be banned from future shows.

Q. What is something is stolen from my table?
A. Each exhibitor is expected to appropriately display their materials and staff their tables in order to prohibit shoplifting or theft. Repticon is not responsible for any theft before, during, or after each event. If you see something that doesn’t look right please tell us ASAP…DO NOT WAIT TILL THE END OF THE SHOW!

Q. How do I book tables at the show? Do I have to pre-pay?
A. To book tables at a Repticon show, either utilize the online booking form here, or contact the Vendor Coordinator for the state in which the show is held, listed here. Although pre-payment is appreciated, vendors in good standing who have vended at prior Repticon expos are not required to pre-pay for tables.

Vendors who have never vended at a Repticon expo must submit a $50 deposit upon booking to secure tables. This $50 deposit is credited towards the total payment due at the show. (For example, a first-time vendor booking one table must submit $50 upon booking, with a balance due of $45 at the show.)

Q. Do I need a banner and fancy neon sign?
A. Neon sign no, but each exhibitor is expected to create a professional, attractive display area in their space. It is now mandatory that Vendors must have a tablecloth to cover all their tables. If necessary, Repticon will provide them at $3 per table.

Q. Can I let guests hold the animals?
A. Exhibitors who choose to remove non-venomous animals from their enclosures or allow guests to handle their animals are responsible for maintaining control of the animals at all time. Each exhibitor is exclusively liable for any damage to property or personal injury resulting from handling of their live animals on the host facility premises.

Q. An animal escaped…it was my mom’s favorite! What do I do?
A. Each exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that no animals leave their exhibit area unless under the control of an employee or customer. Each vendor is responsible for recapturing any escaped animals without unreasonable disruption to other exhibitors or guests. Any escaped animals must be immediately reported to Repticon. Any lost animals that are found after event hours or after the event closes become the property of Repticon, with no obligation for return to the original owner.

Q. Are there restrictions about Wild-Caught Animals?
A. There is no restriction regarding the sale of legal, wild-caught animals. Exhibitors are not required to display any particular signage, but are required to disclose any pertinent information to interested guests, including whether a particular animal is wild-caught or captive bred.

Guest Questions:

Q. Can I bring beer or funny drugs to the show?
A. No Alcoholic beverages or Illegal Drugs are allowed in any Repticon Show and WE WILL ASK YOU TO LEAVE.

Q. Can I hold an animal at the show?
A. Each exhibitor is different so please ask before touching and always use hand sanitizer!

Q. Can I bring my personal animals to Repticon?
A. No, not at the April 2016 Costa Mesa show.. Due to the variety of animals, America’s Family Pet Expo does not allow pets of any kind (including reptiles & other exotics) to be brought into the show.

Q. Can I sell my personal animals at the show?
A. Guests may not bring animals into the event for the purpose of selling them at the event, as only show vendors with appropriate permits may sell animals. Any guests who violate that policy will be asked to leave the show.

Q. Can I bring a venomous animal to a show?
A. Even though we have “Hot” Shows, Hots are never allowed to be brought in to our shows. We have very strict protocols that we follow and want to guarantee the safety of all our guests and exhibitors.

Q. How much are tickets?
A. Admission to the April 2013 Costa Mesa Repticon Show is included with an America’s Family Pet Expo ticket, which may be purchased HERE. Do NOT use the Repticon ticketing system.

Q. You give away FREE animals on FaceBook! How do I win?
A. To learn more about our photo contests click HERE.

Q. I think an animal is sick or has mites…what do I do?
A. First, talk to the vendor. If you need more assistance you can always talk to one of the Repticon staff at the Info Booth.

Q. Please tell me, just one more time, what are the show hours?
A. Show hours for the April 2016 Repticon at America’s Family Pet Expo are: Friday: 10:00am-6:00pm, Saturday: 10:00am-7:00pm and Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm. There is no VIP entry for this show.

Exhibitors from the April 2019 Show
Check back for the Next Show.
*Subject to Change*

All table assignments are subject to change. 
Repticon will attempt to honor table placement preferences wherever possible, but table assignments listed on this website are not a guarantee of final table placement.

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