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State Specific Permit & Show Information

Maryland Information

Potential and current vendors, please review these pages to become familiar with Repticon’s rules and show schedule, and also to review State and local laws and requirements. You may also register for tables using our online form or contact the appropriate vendor coordinator.


Maryland Rules & Information

These Rules & Information are provided as a convenience to Repticon vendors and exhibitors, and may not be comprehensive for every animal. Each vendor is responsible for researching and complying with all current laws regarding their animals.

Maryland Permit Information & Baltimore Show Restrictions & Requirements

Maryland Animal Restrictions

  • There is NO permit requirement for sale of non-native species.
  • Maryland regulates native reptiles & amphibians.
  • Click here: for a list of regulated native species and associated regulations.
  • A $25 permit is required for sale of native species on this list.
  • No Venomous Reptiles

Maryland Requirements

Captive Reptile & Amphibian Permit/License & Documentation– A $25 permit is required for all native species which are allowed to be sold or possessed. To review all rules and to apply for the license, visit the DNR site here or call (410) 260-8540. Forms for Reporting & Record Keeping may be downloaded here: Maryland_RAP_Report

NEW! – Certificate of Veterinary Heath Inspection– The Maryland Department of Agriculture Animal Health Section requires animals entering the State of Maryland to have a current veterinary health certificate from a certified vet.

Craig Crotts, the Animal Health Inspector for the Maryland Department of Agriculture, requires all vendors to have a Certificate of Veterinary Heath Inspection (CVI) for all vertebrate animals being sold at the show. This does not include feeder rodents or invertebrates. Any vendor not having a CVI will be asked by the Health Inspector to leave.

Repticon has arranged for a local vet, Dr. Keith Gold, to be present at vendor load-in on Saturday morning to issue the required health certificates.  There is no additional cost to the vendors for this service.

NEW! – Sugar Glider vendors must have a CVI for EACH individual sugar glider that will be for sale.

Contact info:

Craig Crotts
MD Dept of Agriculture
Animal Health Inspector

Dr. Keith Gold
Chadwell Animal Hospital
3004 Emmorton Rd.
Abingdon, MD 21009
(443) 512-8338

For more information, call 410-841-5810 or email:

Questions?– If you have any questions or concerns please contact Repticon
or Mary Goldie, Permits Coordinator, Wildlife and Heritage Service, Maryland Department of Natural Resources.
phone: 410-260-8546

Baltimore: Beginning in 2013, vendors seeking to sell Envigo products or books at the Timonium Fairgrounds shows must contact the Mid-Atlantic vendor coordinator for further information before booking.


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