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State Specific Permit & Show Information

Colorado Information

Potential and current vendors, please review these pages to become familiar with Repticon’s rules and show schedule, and also to review State and local laws and requirements. You may also register for tables using our online form or contact the appropriate vendor coordinator.


Colorado Rules & Information

These Rules & Information are provided as a convenience to Repticon vendors and exhibitors, and may not be comprehensive for every animal. Each vendor is responsible for researching and complying with all current laws regarding their animals.

State of Colorado Information:


Repticon has applied for and will obtain a PACFA temporary animal dealership permit for the show to satisfy the PACFA requirements for the show.

Regulated Reptile Species:

Venomous reptiles and crocodilians (other than caimans) are prohibited.

Species native to Colorado may not be sold unless the seller can demonstrate that the animals being sold came from either out of state or from an in-state commercial breeder. Animals wild-caught in Colorado may not be sold.

Turtles under 4″ in length may not be sold or displayed. (This requirement is strictly enforced in Colorado.)

Unregulated Reptile Species:

No permit or license is required to sell unregulated reptile species. Complete information regarding unregulated species is available on the Colorado Division of Wildlife website here:

Importation of Animals in to the State of Colorado:

Unregulated reptiles being transported into the state do not require a CVI or import permit. Many mammals, however, do require a CVI/importation permit to enter the state. Complete information on importation can be found on the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s website here:


Small mammals that are typical pet shop items (such as ferrets, guinea pigs, and rabbits) and feeder rodents may be sold without special permitting, but more exotic mammals may require additional permits through the USDA. Vendors planning to sell mammals at the show should contact Repticon for additional information.

Sales Tax

At vendor check-in, all vendors will receive a packet that includes a Special Event Tax License Application, a tax filing form, remittance envelope and directions for filling them out.  The forms will need to be completed and returned to the Department of Revenue by May 12th with the payment for tax owed enclosed.

Arapahoe County Information:

For sales to Arapahoe County Residents:
Potentially large constricting reptiles (boas and pythons) that are larger than three feet in length are prohibited in Arapahoe County. Boas and pythons three feet and smaller may be sold. These restrictions apply only to sales to Arapahoe County Residents.

City of Aurora Information:

The Arapahoe County Fairground is not within the city limits of Aurora.


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